Valentines is around the corner and flower vendors are stocking up for this day ,but did you know different flower colors have different meanings.

Here are the different flowers and their meaning, It might come in handy lest you find yourself buying break up roses for valentines.

1. Red 

Red is symbolic of passion, love, and energy.


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2. White 

White flowers are a symbol of peace and forgiveness. They are often a sign of honor for loved ones loss, and that’s why we frequently see white flowers during funeral services.

White roses

3. Pink 

Pink roses are a sign of Grace and elegance so the next time you want to gift someone put this into consideration.


4. Blue

They symbolize mystery and intrigue.

Blue Roses

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5. Purple 

This unique hue symbolizes pride and enchantment. Even better, they’re tied to royalty


6. Green 

Green means a “constant rejuvenation of spirit.”


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7. Black

Black roses signify death, or supreme hatred so giving someone a black rose on valentines may be a very bad idea.

Image result for meaning of black roses

8. Orange

Orange  is symbolic of expansion, growth, and warmth. It is also a color of friendship and community.


9. Yellow

Sunny flowers imply jealousy and infidelity. In modern times, however, this variety is associated with friendship and cheer due to the vibrant color.

Yellow rose

10. Burgundy Roses

Though not as striking as the classic red rose, this merlot shade represents “unconscious beauty.”