Timmy Tdat/ Instagram

We have seen Timmy T Dat and Rosa Ree looking a bit too extra in various pictures which makes us wonder what kind of relationship they have.

They have released two major songs together and the chemistry in the songs is also unquestionable. Are they more than just colleagues?

Last time we interviewed Timmy he said he is dating after his break up with Kush Tracey. We asked him to tell us the name of the new babe but he refused to reveal though he told us it is someone who is in the industry.

From the cozy pictures the two share, it is evident that it is more than a working relationship. They spend too much time together and mind you Rosa Ree is Tanzanian. Living in two different countries, why would they go the extra mile to see each other? Love?

The pictures are of them are usually a bit too sexual because her tongue is always out more often than not or they are on top of each other.

‘Experience is the best teacher!’ Timmy T Dat on why his new relationship is private

Here are a few pictures that make us question their relationship:

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