There is no love lost between Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique and media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Mo’Nique, 51, and her husband Sidney Hicks appeared in an extended interview with Comedy Hype, where the Precious star revealed what she really thinks of Oprah.

I want you to understand something, see this is why me and Oprah Winfrey got a problem… until that woman says let me apologize to you publicly, it’ll be ’til the day that I leave this Earth because what you did was malicious

Mo’Nique said.

The bad blood between the two show hosts started several years ago, when the talk show host called her up and said her brother Gerald wanted to come on the show, ‘and talk about molesting me.’

Mo’Nique admitted in a 2008 Essence Magazine interview that Gerald molested her when she was between the ages of 7 and 11.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for molesting another girl, according to People.

The actress cut off all contact with her brother after the birth of her twin sons.

Her brother said to Oprah that he wanted to come on the show too, ‘tell other parents how to look out for molesters.’

Oprah asked the actress if she would like to go on the show, but she refused because she didn’t want anything to do with him.

She said Oprah told her that if she didn’t want her brother to be on the show, she would cancel the show entirely, and Mo’Nique said she respected her for that.

However, she started seeing commercials for the show and learned that not only Gerald would be on the show, but also her mother, father and other brother. The show never said they were going to be on the show, and the actress was in a ‘bad place’ with her mother

Had Oprah Winfrey said I’m gonna have your mother, I would have said “shut it down.” I don’t need the world to see how greedy my mother is. That’s one of the reasons we don’t communicate, because of my mother and father’s greed

Oprah Winfrey/ Instagram

Mo’Nique said.

We didn’t discuss that, Oprah…I’m watching my father sit there, who was a strong alcoholic. I’m watching him drunk. I’m watching my mother be greedy. I’m watching my other brother, who was my manager, be greedy. I’m watching the scam

Mo’Nique said.

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When asked what she would say to Oprah if she had the chance to speak to her again, Mo’Nique revealed,

I would say Oprah Winfrey: you know what you need to do. And stop hiding behind what you call is negative comments…what people are beginning to do is see you for who you are.

She added.

Oprah has not yet publicly responded to Mo’Nique’s comments at this time.

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