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Most of us get into a relationship with a man and have no clue what so ever what it is we are getting ourselves into. As a result, the relationships we so desperately want to have end up in flames as they never last.

There are a number of factors that cause the relationship to end. However, most of it is due to ignorance about the person you are getting involved in a relationship with. Here is a list of 8 things you should know about a man before you actually get into a relationship with him.

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1. The way he acts when he is angry.
You most certainly do not want to get involved with a man who will beat the living crap out of you all in the name of being angry.

Always figure out how he manages or deals with his anger when issues arise or during difficult times. In the event that he is the “I don’t care type,” he will probably go out and mess with another girl without trying to fix what went wrong between the two of you.

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2. His background
You might want to find out a bit about his background. Find out his values, social class, religion, records, type of family he grew up in among other things that you feel could possibly affect or change the way you feel about him in the future. Getting to know someone on a deeper level and understanding who they are as people and what they believe in or drives them is the best way to start a relationship. Keep it 100% in the event that you want him to stick around for a while.

3. Whether or not he has children already
Getting into a relationship with a man that already has a child might be quite tricky. Don’t get me wrong, the child is not the problem but the baby mama could be. In the event that the baby mama of the person you are trying to have a relationship with is as crazy as they get, you will have serious issues to deal with in future. It is, therefore, paramount to find out this kind of information so that you are properly prepared to deal with it when any issues arise. Being taken off guard may cause a lot of problems hence leading to a breakup.

4. Profession.
You do not necessarily have to find out exactly how much he earns but you definitely need to know what he does for a living. The last thing you want is having to go to jail as an accomplice to a crime you have no idea about only to find that he is the reason behind it all. You are better off knowing from the get go so you can decide whether to stick around or leave.

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5. Sexual preference.
I know this may sound irrelevant given the fact that he asked you out and you are a woman. However, sometimes one may be interested in both men and women. You most certainly do not want to date him 6 months in and he is talking about a threesome with another man in the picture. It would be nicer to know all that from the get go so you decide if it is something you are up for or nah.

6. Their relationship with their exes.
Guys, there is a reason as to why your exes are in your past and not you present. However, in the event that you are cool with your ex to a point that you actually talk as friends, you might want to tell your current girlfriend that you and” your friend/ex” dated at some point. Not telling her, on the other hand, will get tricky when she finds out in future. We all know how that looks. Aside from the awkwardness, you will have presented room for doubt in your relationship.

7. The kind of company he keeps.
As the saying goes, show me your friends and I will tell you the kind of person you are. While this might not be necessarily accurate, it definitely accounts for part of the person you are. We all keep friends whom we have things in common with. Otherwise, you would not be friends given there would be nothing for you to bond over. Therefore meeting one’s friends gives you an idea of the kind of person you are trying to be in a relationship with.


8. Health
If you really like him that much enough to be in a relationship with him, you might as well as the basic health questions. You need to know if he has any illness so you can be more supportive and be more caring to in case you wish to stay. In the event that he is HIV+, and your not willing to stick around, you might as well leave so that life moves on for both of you. Stringing him along only to dump or leave him in future for that particular reason, will be rather too cruel having known from the start.