Starehe MP aspirant Steve Mbogo is one guy’s who’s lifestyle is admirable. From the huge mansions to the high-end rides, he’s one guy you literally stare when you seem him walk by. He has made his name a brand and he’s recognized all over Nairobi.


7 Photos That Prove Steve Mbogo Is A Style Guru

This ninja is also a family man. His wife is a flight attendant with Qatar airways and the two are blessed with two kids.

Many people didn’t know about his wife, Nina Lockwood, as she was on the down low. She is also the sister to KTN’s entertainment presenter Jamal Gaddafi.

The two were recently blessed with another baby girl who looks just like her dad. It took them a while before they showed off his face to the public.


But one thing that we can’t help but be amazed by is the how good Steve’s wife looks after having a baby. She has worked so hard to bring her sexy back by hitting the gym and watching what she eats. Her body is just every woman’s body goals.

Meet Flamboyant Steve Mbogo’s Beautiful Family (Photos)

During her pregnancy, she still hit the gym and did exercises that are fit for a pregnant woman. That too played a really big role in having a banging body right after giving birth.

Check out how hot she looks after giving birth to two kids; with the youngest being three months old.