Diana Marua loves her children to the moon and back. We can see it all over social media. But it has not been an easy journey especially with Heaven, her first child.

When she gave birth to Heaven, her husband Bahati was an absent father. He was not available to help her raise their daughter and that really stressed her.

When I got heaven that was the worst time of my life. most people think it is only single mothers that undergo postpartum depression.

I had a husband and a nanny. It is not having people around you. There is nothing bad like having people around but they are not offering a support system.

Bahati got abnormally busy when she needed his support as a new mum and she says it was tough.

‘I wish I never met some people’ Diana Marua

I remember at that time is when my hubby became busy all of a sudden. Out of the blues, he comes home late and when he comes home, he sleeps saying he has an early morning meeting.

You’ve been home all night with the baby. It can be hectic. You’ve done everything from changing the diaper, fed the baby and she is still crying. Your hands are tired from carrying her all day because she does not want to be put down.

My hubby gets home and says how he is tired so I used to sit and ask ‘you think I’ve been on holiday here in the house?’ It gets to a time you’re angry at your child blaming them for all the bad things happening in the marriage


Bahati reveals Diana’s statement that threw him off as they celebrate 3 years

Word of advice for women who are undergoing postpartum depression or are afraid of going through it Diana says, it is not permanent.

Advice to women, no situation is permanent. It is a matter of time your baby will be walking and calling you mum. Regardless of anything going on, speak life to your children.

And to men like Bahati,

“to the men, if your woman is expectant take leave and be there for your wife coz at that time she is healing.” Diana Marua says.

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