Emmanuel Jal is known to his 15k plus followers as a human rights activist, however he is also a recording artiste.

Joining Shaffie on Breakfast With Stars, to drop his album Naath,  Emannuel reveled that most of the songs in this album are dedicated to women, who run the world.

when you suppress a woman, you oppress a nation.

Shaffie Weru mentioned that his songs have that African feel something that Sauti Sol is also venturing into when it comes to music.

Emmanuel Jal is from Sudan but he has not been there for a while and he says it is because he is a wanted man there.

Being an activist is not easy at all. For Emmanuel, it gets worse because he has even suffered violence in his own country because he questions the government.

the war has affected my family who are now in different places of the world. for now, my price is high in Juba because I am a vocal activist so i’ll go back when my price is less. I like to speak when the government is oppressing people and when you do that you are labeled.


So based on all he has gone through, what is the one thing he will tell a young Emmanuel,

I will say if you have a dream and you want to change the environment, great things will happen to you. when you walk in your purpose with clear definition of success, it will follow you like a shadow

This is why you will not be hearing Adelle Onyango on radio this week

He is set to release the videos to the songs in his new Album. In his last TED talk, he said it has been painful talking about his story but since he discovered music, it has been easy for him to tell his story and release the pain of losing his family and seeing a lot at such a young age.

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