Nyota Ndogo doesn’t mind revealing personal details about herself but there are things that do cross the line for her. The singer with the melodious voice explained a recent incident where she claimed that a radio presenter had called her seeking to know some very private details about her love life.

In the Instagram post, Nyota narrates that the radio presenter called to ask her about a few personal things that would definitely put off any lady.

Nyota Ndogo with her husband

Nyota wrote that the unnamed caller apparently wanted to inquire whether Nyota’s husband can still perform well in bed because of his age.

Nyota Ndogo narrated the story on her Instagram page where she wrote;

Kuna redio presenta moja alinioji ijumaa katika maswali yake moja aliniuliza vile umeolewa na mzee kweli kitandani anaweza? Mtangazaji Huyo ni mume lakini hivi ndio nilivyomjibu.ANAWEZA SANA KUSHINDA HAO VIJANA AMA NIKUPE AKUJARIBU? Akakata simu.sometimes acheni kuuliza maswali yakishoga jamani.

Nyota Ndogo and her eventual husband, Henning Nielsen dated for two years before they finally got married. The two lovebirds had been married before, Nyota was married to Mombasa music producer K-Shot whom she has two children with while Nielsen also had a wife whom he divorced.

At the time of their wedding in May 2016, Nyota Ndogo had been separated from her ex-husband for 8 years while Nielsen had been a divorcee for 24 years.

I understand why this type of question would get her riled up. There are things one doesn’t ask even their close friends. Someone has to open up and volunteer the information themselves.