Akothee is always giving her followers some solid life hacks.

This time she is advising her fans to stop making God’s work in their life hard. As he is busy deleting the wrong people out of your life, you are busy blaming the devil and excusing them.

“God is busy eliminating dangerous people in your life! And you keep on accusing the devil of allowing them to misbehave and hurt you! Halo, how else would you change if you don’t feel the pain 🤷‍♂️How else would you know that the person is dangerous if he doesn’t forget himself/ herself and true colors come out 🤷‍♂️?” She posted

It is funny how there are usually so many red flags in relationships and friendships but one will still believe they can change someone for the best. Akothee is bluntly telling you their season and reason is over so let God erase them.

‘All for likes and comments?’ Akothee advises followers not kill themselves

You still convince yourself and pray that it works out 🙆‍♂️ why are you making God’s work very difficult? Some people were brought in your life for a reason, season & purpose! Once the purpose is done! Please let go, the more you insist on them staying, the more you hinder growth! Let them go in peace and pray for their success too. If you ever played a part in my life! Thank you soo much for the role you played while it lasted! God bless you in all your endeavors 💪💪💪LOVE YOU ALL PLEASE DONT COME BACK🚫 HAPPY 2020

In short, Akothee is telling you to carry this attitude forward this 2020, let what is meant to be and let go of that which is not meant to be. Wise words from Madam Boss.

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