Every waking minute that Tanasha Donna gets, she flies out to visit Diamond Platnumz and spend some quality time with him.

Speaking to Kiss100.co.ke, Tanasha revealed that she has tried to get him to come over to her two bedroom apartment for a visit.

Tanasha explained:

“I spend most of my weekends in Diamond’s house. I have tried to have him come to my apartment and it has been hard because he has to come with his entourage that includes security and the whole hullabaloo.”

Yes, I get insecure being with Diamond! Tanasha Donna reveals

Adding, “This means everyone will get to know that he is around and that is what he wants to avoid. I actually got a week off so I’m here with him. I have not been feeling too well.”

Tanasha reveals that dating Diamond comes with it’s pitfalls. Some of them include skirt wearers.

“I do feel insecure [dating Diamond],” Tanasha told Kiss100.co.ke, “He told me the social media drama I’m facing is nothing compared to his past relationships. But once his fans realize he is indeed serious with our relationship, they will show their support, which I’m already seeing.”

Adding, “At the beginning of the relationship, I used to cry daily. I almost fell into depression.”

Is their relationship a publicity stunt?

“None of it was planned. He approached me. If it was a publicity stunt, how much more publicity can Diamond need? He already has it all.”

She continued:

“And if he needed that kind of publicity, he would have chosen a way more famous person, not a normal radio presenter with 80K followers.”

Do you talk to Zari? Tanasha Donna opens up about Diamond’s ex

The couple always spam our timelines with photos and short insta-videos of them spending the weekend together.

Here are some of the photos they posted early this morning of them in bed together.

Tanasha Diamond Tanasha Diamond Tanasha Diamond

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