Nicah The Queen and Dr Ofweneke made headlines a while back after she exposed him for assaulting her when they were together. Their marriage was the talk of town as they both aired their dirty laundry for the public to see.

In an interview with Let’s Talk, Dr Ofweneke opened up about what really happened between them and addressed the rumours that he assaulted his then wife.

Dr Ofweneke

He said, “I walked out last year. I woke up one day and told her hey I think God has given us one beautiful child and this beautiful one that you came in with and I think for the peace of both of us, let’s have a peaceful separation and I told her, I don’t want to be those kind of men who are gonna throw the woman out of the house. So I told her I just need my clothes and I told her, God bless you. I have been brought up by an amazing man, my dad. And my father brought me up with certain values as a man and one of them is responsibility. So I told her about the kid, actually the kids because the other one calls me daddy, so she’s mine as well and I love her equally as I love Debbie. And I told her about the kids, I will take care of them, but for us I think this might not go well.”

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Well, this statement didn’t go so well with Nicah who has come out blazing hot to expose Ofweneke for lying. She pointed out that he doesn’t even take care of her first born daughter, stating that he should just be honest.

Nicah The Queen

You should just be honest….. WHY do you always lie? When you packed out I was not even home. You don’t even take care of my first baby. Just be honest. We both know you hit me if it was not for the neighbours, it would have been a different story. If you so love the girls as you said, just be Honest. Teach them Honesty!!!!!” she revealed.

At this point, one tends to ask, Who is telling the truth and who is lying?