The LBD, that s3xy little number should be in every woman’s wardrobe. It is the one item (other than makeup – but makeup is black magic) that can make a woman look stunning no matter the occasion or as the late Karl Lagerfeld said,

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” 

And that description actually allows you to catch a hint of the first reason why a little black dress should be in every lass’ wardrobe. So let us get into it as we look at the reasons that little black dress is not a fashion expense but an investment:

#1. It is practical for any occasion

You can wear it to a formal and informal setting and what will change the dress dramatically; the accessories and shoes you choose to pair the LBD with are what will determine the difference.

#2. Black is everyone’s colour

Not to mention black dresses are easy to match with different sweaters, jackets, scarves etc. From what I am informed, it is a very slimming colour so even chubbier ladies will benefit greatly from having an LBD.

#3. Issa last minute option

Ever realized last minute you have nothing to wear? Then point number 1 comes into play. You can quickly grab that LBD, dress it down or up depending on the nature of your engagement.

#4. They are classy and s3xy

Whoo! You will be hard pressed to find an option that is s3xier than an LBD. This dress lends itself to your mystique allowing you an air of mystery.

#5. They never go out of style

To be fair, you are taking fashion advice from a guy who prefers to take clothes off a woman’s body than help her pick out a dress so…