Actress Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja, says not exposing much about her family life on social media has protected her from being under pressure.

“You will never be happy when you are living a lie to please people on social media,” Awinja said.

The actress stars in TV drama ‘Papa Shirandula’ as Awinja, a nosy house help. She says she always wants to be real when it comes to social media.

“Most youths are being misled by what celebrities post on social media, thinking that it is their everyday life,” she said.

“Whatever you see on social media is usually not me at all. I’m a totally different person when I’m out of social media. It is what we choose for people to see.”

However, she tries her best to be as real as possible as a role model, not to set standards whereby fans think she is not approachable.

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Awinja welcomed her first child in 2017. She says motherhood has really changed her life, as she now knows what to value.

“You get to experience genuine love. Motherhood is amazing and I can’t imagine life without my son,” she said. Her son will be turning two in June.

Despite her busy schedule, Awinja has not had much difficulty in raising her son because her job is flexible and most of the times her mother helps in raising him.

“You learn as you grow. My mum guides me a lot,” she said.

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AwinjaLittle is known about the father of her child, but she says the two are co-parenting.

“The fact that I don’t put him out doesn’t mean we are not together, we are raising our son together. Just that I chose what I want people to know about me on social media,” she said.

“My people are not in the limelight and, therefore I don’t want them to feel the hate, the attack that comes with social media.”

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