If you thought that only sanitary pads are important, well you had better think again because tampons are very important to women as well.

Well, there has been a shortage of tampons in the country, something that many women have complained about.


The shortage goes way back to last year around September-October and many women have taken to twitter to seek answers as to where they can access the tampons.

Women have also complained that some of the pharmacies, cosmetic shops and supermarkets are selling the not so good quality that aren’t popular.

Well, Adelle and Shaffie have also joined in the discussion and Adelle posed this question of its availability.

Shaffie goes on to state that in as much as the country faces shortage of items now and again, he didn’t think there would ever be a time that there would be tampon shortage.

“I saw someone had posted someone’s screenshot of a tweet, a lady had twitting claiming that there are no tampons. I thought maybe this is a joke. Later that afternoon, I was on your timeline on Instagram and I saw you asked the same thing. We’ve had a shortage issue with sugar, rice, unga, fuel and it’s always imaginary. Until when it hit me that tampon is something women need consistently.”


Adelle went on to add that despite the shortage, the prices have hiked for the ones that are available.

“I don’t know why we have to pay for them, but that’s a fight we are still having. But now adding insult to injury, there’s a shortage and then the places that do have them, don’t have the different varieties that women would need but also hiking their prices.”

Read some of the tweets from different women;

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