Anne Kansiime

Anne Kansiime is no doubt one of the most celebrated and sought after female comedians in Africa.

Real name, Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne, the humorous lass has been referred to as “Africa’s Queen of Comedy” by her fans, and over the years, she’s proved that to be true.

Kansiime’s fans were shocked and left in dismay recently when swirling rumours about the death of the Ugandan comedian spread across the internet, but it turns out that it was a big lie.

The report had claimed that Anne Kansiime was performing at a concert in Johannesburg, South Africa, when she suddenly fell ill and passed away thereafter, upon arrival to the hospital.

This caused a frenzy since no other site or media outlet had reported on the death of the award-winner, prompting Anne Kansiime to come out and shut down the rumours that she had passed on.

Anne Kansiime

The Ugandan sensation slammed the death allegation from the Times Lives publication, by going to on social media to inform her worried friends, family and fans that she was alive and well.

From the post, Anne Kansiime seemed disappointed by the false reports of her death and of course she didn’t forget to add a little humour to the post, but firmly refuting the claims at the same time;

Hmmmmm….so please help me to help you! If you are going to tell my ninjas that am dead, at least tell me in advance so I back up your story. Indeed Idleness has finally become a hobby. Well, relax my ninjas, your queen ninja is not about to desert you fwaaaaaa…..I still have a lot of love and joy to give. #sharedblessings #IKnowWhoIam.

We are glad to know that the beautiful, rib-cracker is alive and in good health, and still enjoying her life with the love of her life, Gerald Ojok, who quit his job to join comedy.

Anne Kansiime Opens A Bar and Restaurant

Anne and Ojok walked down the aisle in October 2013 in an elegant traditional wedding. They two are deeply in love and are always sharing loving and heart-warming messages on social media and displaying affection in their photos.

Anne Kansiime