Tanasha Donna has surprised many with her level headed and mature display over the past few months, even to the point of treating Diamond Platnumz nosey, vocal, jealous ex Zari with some respect whenever she mouths off about their relationship.

Zari and Tanasha Donna

‘It’s the same cycle’ Zari mentally prepares Tanasha to be a single mother

‘I hope you have your own money’ Zari advices Tanasha before giving birth

Tanasha Donna, however, isn’t just about that. She recently took to social media with a video that has surprised many and given us a clue as to why Diamond is smitten by the Kenyan beauty. Tanasha who recently gave birth to her and Diamond’s first son (Diamond’s fifth child) took to the kitchen like a fish takes to water.

You know that saying -and a wise one it is- about how the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Tanasha Donna displayed this fact really well. Check out her culinary skills below:

Hai! Tanasha Donna no be small pikin.