If you thought Willy Paul would have learnt his lesson after the accident and being told that he was being warned not to play with God…

This time while in Tanzania, he took things a notch higher and if there is any lesson I wish he would learn, I would tell him to find out how Magulfuli deals with celebrities behaving badly – in public. Because in Tz they do not play with the type of freedom Kenyans give you.

So what happened was something I will not explain, I will merely share with you a photo and let us trust that it is worth 1000 words…

So my question to you today is, do you think Willy Paul should pursue a career in secular entertainment or should he continue being a gospel artiste and God will deliver him through his mercies?

My personal take on this is that I do not care. Let Willy Paul be whomever he wants to be and let him do whatever he wants to within reason.

If you think differently from me, let me know in the poll below:

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