Willy Paul seems to be holding some level of pride when it comes to Bahati’s new song. He recently posted on twitter and by the look of things, Willy Paul might have influenced Bahati to cross over to the secular world.

Willy Paul caused a storm online a few weeks ago when he was spotted as a brand ambassador for an alcoholic brand. His music too left many wondering if he was gospel or secular.

And so to see his nemesis follow in his footsteps perhaps is bringing him endless joy.

Willy Paul gladly welcomed Bahati into the secular world.

He said;

welcome to my world bro…

How quick was that? Willy Paul is done with his Mzungu girlfriend

We must all remember though that for Bahati, it’s about trending through whatever means.

Sometime back he was the backbone for the youths in the music industry, Now, he is just part of the bandwagon.

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