Willy Paul has been termed Bwana Mkunaji because of his song featuring Nandy, Hallejuah.

But clearly, there is more to the song. He has been termed a thirsty man. This was pointed out after he shared a video of Eric Omondi’s ex, Miss Chanty singing along to his song.

Netizens called him out saying he should not take over his brothers ‘leftovers’. I do not like that term at all. She is a human being, not a thing.

Willy Paul thirsts after Eric Omondi’s ex, fans call him out

Anyway, so right after that post a few things were pointed out that caught my attention on why Willy Paul has been termed thirsty :

  1. He has been posting such erotic pictures of him and Nandy in bed and even on stage. Remember their performance during the Choma Na Ngoma event? Here is a picture to explain it all.

2. A few days ago he was trending after posting a picture of himself and Vera Sidika. It sparked a conversation of people saying he is setting base as bwana mkunaji.

3. On the last video of Miss Chanty singing along to his song, one man asked him, why is it he doesn’t post videos of men who tag him on social media either dancing or jamming to his songs. This guy even added that the posts of these ladies are always of them whinning or half-naked.

4. A month or so ago, he went to the popular club, Wakanda and he decided to give his fans a taste of his music but he could not sing along without a girl to bend over for him.

5. And finally his latest music. The songs have not been gospel and to make it more clear, the songs are all about love to a woman. From Jigi Jigi to Hallelujah.

Is this guy thirsty or nah? Because we haven’t seen him with one specific lady.

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