Willy Paul has left the gospel industry behind him and he has fully embraced the hedonistic pleasures of the secular world. Willy Paul, much to the chagrin of the gospel fraternity, has dropped all hypocritical pretenses that are associated with gospel artistes and he is now living his best life openly chasing after beautiful babes.

Bwana Mkunaji! Willy Paul gets the grinding of his life when in Kisumu

Willy Paul, in keeping with his mantra of leading his best life, has decided to post a photo that was edited by the use of filters and he has given himself serpentine eyes. And Willy Paul got backlash for something as simple as using filters.

Fans mixed reactions to Willy Paul’s new song full of nak3d women

The backlash from fans was quick and it came to a point where Kenyans were’t even bothered with putting out alot of words to rebuke him. They simply said,





Acha usenge


Shauri yako….!!!!


Is that illuminati sign 🤔🤔🤔