Willy Paul is at it again. He has released a new song titled Bye bye. The song is epic, I mean compared to the last one he did which was all nasty and no message. But with this song, Willy Paul brings great news.


Willy Paul has insisted to his fans that he has finally gotten married. During an interview on 10 over 10 with Willis Raburu, Willy Paul said that he has gotten married to the love of his life.

How quick was that? Willy Paul is done with his Mzungu girlfriend

His new song is especially dedicated to his ‘new wife’. To Willy Paul, this is a song of appreciation to his ‘newly wedded wife’. He also claimed that they had a wedding.

Willy Paul’s alleged wedding was attended by a few close friends and that it was done secretly. For those who did not attend, he will be uploading pictures of the wedding soon.

The song is legit, the lyrics are appreciative;

My wife, I dedicate my new song #BYEBYE to you. Now live on @nrgradioke
Love u

Willy Paul has been recently sharing photos of himself and a blonde lady in a wedding gown.

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