A couple of weeks back, I asked you what you made of Willy Paul’s outrageous stage antics as he performed with Nandy.

Hii ndio wokovu? Nandy simulates naughty moves on Willy Paul

That performance was quickly followed by an accident that had a lot of Willy Paul’s Kenyan fans rebuking him for mocking God who had moved to show the youngin that He wouldnae be mocked.

‘Do not mock God,’ Kenyans react to Willy Paul accident

But that wasn’t something that was going to stop Willy Paul from putting on his lewd concert performances with Nandy. He was back to his usual shenanigans when he performed alongside Nandy at her self titled tour in Tanzania.

Willy Paul back on his shenanigans with Nandy

And I had asked in a poll what you lot think about Willy Paul’s continual insistence that he is a gospel artist. Kenyans responded and an overwhelming number were quick to tell Willy Paul that they feel he should stop associating his music with the Ministry of the Gospel.

86 per cent of the respondents voted that they see no difference between him and popular secular group Ethic who are known for their lewd lyrical content.