Yes you read that right!

Kiss FM presenter Shaffie Weru has been the ultimate ladies guy for quite some time. Although the vibrant presenter is hitched, ladies always throw themselves on the handsome lad. Well, it looks like ladies are not the only people who find Shaffie attractive… men do too.

Today on The Morning Kiss, Shaffie Weru and Linda Nyangweso hosted one Letoya Johnstone, a homosexual who identifies himself as a woman trapped in a man’s body. Basically a transgender.


Letoya Johnston shared a few photos from his recent bikini shoot to flaunt his ‘curves’….which has caused quite a frenzy.

Well, while being interviewed the lad lass was asked by a Kiss FM caller if he (she) is dating. Letoya quickly answered ‘no’ but added he had desires to date Shaffie Weru.

He then went ahead to describe why he had a major crush on Shaffie. Listen to the audio below.

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