tanasha Diamond

Tanzanians are an excitable bunch so when rumours spread about Diamond Platnumz getting up to his usual tricks of cheating on women he has impregnated, they latched onto them like a shark does an injured swimmer in your favourite maritime horror flick.

As rumours go, this one seemed believable because of all the details that were presented such as the allegation that this time, the other lass even sent money to Diamond’s mother. It would have seemed Tanasha had been blind sighted.

Then again, she knew the history of the guy she had chosen to shack up with. Diamond after all isn’t known for his discretion.

However, the lady in question has come out to vociferously deny the allegations and she attacked the IG page that has been giving the schpill on her alleged affair with Diamond. I guess Tanasha can sigh a huge sigh of relief -t his time. Unless of course, the lady pops back up with a baby which Diamond has been known to do on occasion when the fancy strikes him…

Image result for hamisa mobetto diamond child

Anyway, the alleged side chic went on a rant and quite epic it was to behold! Check out what she had to say about the matter: