A tiger never changes its stripes and a cheating cheetah never sheds its spots. Diamond Platnumz is reportedly back to his old ways if Tanzanian media is to be believed (which it is).

Let me start at the beginning of the madness: Lulu Diva is a lass who has for a long time been linked to Diamond to the point it emboldened her enough to insult the Kenyan beauty that is Tanasha.

Things, however, took a turn for the worst when Lulu Diva turned up at Tanasha Donna’s baby shower causing a scene as Diamond Platnumz reportedly fumbled in his management of the situation. Eventually, Tanasha Donna got wind of the fracas going on as Diamond was forced to deploy bouncers to kick Amber Lulu off the party premises.

Tanasha Donna gives Diamond ultimatum

That is why the very next day Tanasha gave Diamond an ultimatum. Now that you are all caught up, only one question remains; who is this Lulu Diva? Lads and lasses I would like to introduce her to you below: