Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi has been sued by a woman for child neglect.

The mother of the child, a four-month-old girl, through lawyer Enricah Dulo, wants the court to compel Itumbi to provide interim monthly maintenance for the minor pending hearing and determination of the suit.

The case will be heard exparte in the first instance.

The woman claims that Itumbi deserted the minor from birth and has refused to provide any form of maintenance whatsoever knowing full well that she is an orphan and had to stop working before delivering the minor.

She also argues that she is without any form of maternity pay.

The mother wants Itumbi to pay Sh50,000 monthly to cater for food, clothing, medicine and a house help’s salary.

She also wants Itumbi to provide his national identity so that his name can be included in the minor’s certificate of birth.

The lawyer argues that Itumbi ended his relationship with the woman sometime in August 2018 when she informed him that she was pregnant with his child.

“The applicant has unsuccessfully tried to engage the defendant to provide maintenance for the minor but he has refused to attend the mediation meetings and instead sending his friend Gitau who is not even an advocate,” Dulo states.

The lawyer said Itumbi has been cruel to the applicant and the minor who is alleged to be his child.

The woman states that Itumbi unsuccessfully tried to convince the applicant to abort her pregnancy when he discovered that she was pregnant.

Subsequently, on October 26, 2018, Itumbi invited the woman for a meeting where he again tried to convince her to abort.

He allegedly served her a drink and immediately she left the meeting, she started bleeding.

“She rushed to Jacaranda maternity hospital where a medical doctor asked if she was trying to abort the foetus,” the lawyer said.

This made her suspicious of the drink Itumbi had earlier served her as she had not eaten anything after the meeting.