Rarely do you find madam boss Akothee come out gun blazing against women, given the fact she identifies herself as the president of single women.

Well a very energetic Akothee in a 7-minute video took her time to warn men about the breed of women who are looking to capitalize on this coronavirus situation.

Their aim, she says is to cook for you, iron your clothes and satisfy your needs to prove that they are ‘housewife material’ 

She predicted that the likely result after it all is unwanted pregnancies 

Don’t trust women during this period! Warned Akothee.

Right now there are women calculating in this corona situation on how thy can be housewife material. They will be cooking ironing and giving you and before you know it they are pregnant!

She added,

We know how to trap you with babies, I believe you don’t want to give birth to Corona Aluoch, or Quarantine Owithi.

Akothee also had not so kind words to those university students who opted to ‘quarantine’ themselves in their boyfriend’s homes, urging them to go home unless they end up bitter and as single mothers.

They have said we quarantine and it doesn’t mean you to a man’s house, that is not quarantining that is cohabiting.

Right now men will tell you anything just as president of single mothers my list of single mothers is full.

Gutted that she is now forced to roam around her homes and with her European tour now canceled, she also revealed how she has been a pain in her employee’s lives.

She says she has become too mouthy and as a result three of her house helps have already dumped her.

My house girls have already dumped me because I am too mouthy, I wonder what married people are going through, this period.

Watch Akothee ‘s video below