Tanzanian media personality Vanessa Mdee, has within the last couple of years, become a great sensation not only in her home country Tanzania but in Africa at large because with the kind of work she is doing nowadays.

As a fast rising star in the African scene, she is already giving her fellow artistes a run for their money..and she is just getting started.


In a recent interview with CNN, she stated that,

“World domination is the ultimate goal. I am not going to stop until I get there.”

Having experienced a whole lot of different cultures, that might not be a problem for her. Born Vanessa Hau Mdee, the beautiful songstress was born in Tanzania but moved to New York when she was only 9 months old. She lived there for 5 years before moving to Paris for another 6 years, to Kenya for 2-3 years then back to Arusha.

“Growing up was alot of fun because I got to experience the best of all worlds. “ She said.


By growing up in a developed world and growing up in Africa, learning different languages, experiencing all sorts of cultures, I wanted to be everything,” she added.

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I started off determined to be a doctor, and then I was determined to be a pilot and then I wanted to become an entertainer which I did, fully, all the time, anywhere. So that wasn’t even something i wanted to become. It was just me been myself.”

The Tanzanian diva studied law at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, which she has always admitted to not enjoying, but in as much as she has always enjoyed music, taking it as her main profession wasn’t something she had planned for. It just happened.


My bestfriend said to me, there are auditions happening on MTV and they are looking for a new VJ.I think you should try. I said No Way,” Vanessa revealed.

She literally showed up at my house the morning of the auditions and she dragged me out of there. When one day they announced the winner, I literally fell to the ground.


So when exactly did she decide that she wanted to take do music?

The exact moment was when I released a single which was a feature. One minute it’s like “Oh girl, just come to the studio. I just want you to put some backing vocals. The next thing I know it was out and playing on radio. It was one of those things I hadn’t planned for. But in that moment, I discovered that that was the only thing I wanted to do.

She says that the moment when she is performing a song on stage and the fans sing the lyrics back is “the most adorable part of what I do”

Vanessa Mdee In Mombasa

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 Unlike most celebrity artistes, Vanessa has used her fame to empower young women.

“My music always has a hint of positive vibrations. I am very passionate about young women and girls. There is a place for young African females to make strides, to be pioneers and to change the negative”

Vanessa says that, “The type of message i want my music to give is Hope. A lot of hope and alot of love” She said.

‘If I can make somebody smile through a song then i have done everything i need to do,” she concluded.