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‘Writers can be lazy’ Brenda Wairimu talks her nude scenes in films

Brenda Wairimu is one of the most sought-after actresses we have in Kenya but unlike her role models from Hollywood, she vowed never to strip in any scene.

She has appeared in many series’ ad moves, but before she accepts any role, top of the list on the checklist is how much she is getting paid.

Next on the checklist is if she needs to strip or not.  Speaking in an interview, Brenda was clear that it solely depends on the storyline.

“I have thought so much about this situation. I have different ways of looking at it. First of all, it is how much money am I making and secondly is it really necessary for it to be there because some times some writers can be lazy. They just add make out for the sake of filling the page but it does not help in developing a story. If it’s something that is pushing the story coz for me I’m all about the story if it’s a scene where I’m being raped and my clothes then I can not deny. So for me, I will not just do anything without a storyline cause.” Brenda Wairimu said

Brenda Wairimu/ Instagram

It makes sense because it is very rare for Brenda making out or being nude in a movie or series. Considering she is a mother, she has to really think about the image she is portraying to society and to her daughter.

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These days things are picked up fast and next thing you know, you’re trending so it is smart to be cautious because the internet never forgets.

Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu

Right now Brenda is staring in a Swahili series on Showmax, Monica co-starring alongside EPhy Saint which has got many Kenyans spreading rumors that they are dating. The pictures they post are a bit cozy so it could be true or nah. Only time will tell.

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