When it comes to music, it’s fair to say Africa has some of the greatest artistes of all time, whose music peaks for itself.

Artistes have gone far and beyond to prove that music is here to stay and have also come up with different styles of releasing music.

Wurld is one artiste the world is not ready for. Wurld was born in Nigeria and moved to the States and went to college in Atlanta.

Today on Breakfast with the Stars with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru, Wurld walked us through his music career.

“I went to college and studied Computer Science and did my Masters Degree in Information Technology in project management. Now I do music, so for me it’s been like different stages. I had to learn to engineer and make songs by myself and YouTube helped a lot. It’s really expensive to wait on an engineer everytime coz I would have engineers that would really spend a lot of timing working with bigger artistes at the time and I would wait around with an equipment in my place that I couldn’t operate. So I had to go to YouTube and learn how to record myself and it became a habit, like I actually record myself in every song that I do,” he revealed

Well, his sound is quite unique and when asked how he would describe his sound he said, “It’s electronic music fused with like afro soul vibe and really like lately I’ve been living my childhood memories like with African elements I’ve been fusing to the music. But really it’s just world music, colourless music and the conversation is uplifting and fun.”

When did Wurld know music was his thing?

“I don’t even remember coz it has been so long, since I was like 13. That is the one thing that I call my safe space and my escape. I just found myself learning how to create music and it just stuck with me.”

When you join the music industry there’s a lot you don’t know and later on you tend to wish you knew certain things. So, is there something he knows now that he wishes he knew then?

Honestly there are so many things. I wish that I went to music school and pursued it faster. I think a lot of times we are very scared to share what we really wanna do with our parents and I hope and pray that more parents allow their kids to really follow their dreams early.”

Wurld has a brand new jam ‘Contagious’ and he went ahead to explain what it’s all about.

“Contagious is a fusion of Fuji music which is like this classic African-Nigerian sound. It’s like another sub genre to like Afro Beats and it’s Fuji mixed with juju music and afro beat with a very progressive sound and conversation that’s very colourless and happy people are contagious, love, energy are contagious.”

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