Xtian Dela decided to explore a topic different from his usual shenanigans with Andy Kibe and Kamene Goro. And I am happy with the subject matter he chose to explore and he got right into discussing homosexuality among Kenyan youth.

The best part about his video is he came from a neutral point of view where he was simply curious to find out why certain youngins who agreed to talk on camera decided to lead their best gay lives.
And as a result, they spoke openly and seemed at ease delving into their personal lives.

The youth in the video are two gay young men (one of whom is a crossdresser) and a lesbian (a butch dyke).
They spoke about how they realized they were attracted to members of their own genders and how they came out of the closet to their families. Fascinating stuff.

No really, you really do just have to watch it to understand it: