Xtian Dela had a sitdown with one of Kenya’s only openly gay, cross-dressing gospel artistes, MC K. The conversation covered a myriad of topics regarding being a homosexual in Kenya and it was quite the fascinating watch.

In the video, they tackle the reason why MC K decided to come out of the closet and why he even reached out to Xtian Dela for the interview. He addressed homophobia and also addressed how the gospel industry has been shunning him and blackballing his music.

Xtian Dela was more than amicable as he pressed for answers one of which MC K refused to address, repeatedly saying he would rather we focus on his music and message and that question was,

Are you gay?

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MC K soke with alot of passion and you can tell he is earnest and truly does believe what he is talking about. You can watch the video below: