Bahati has been making headlines for weeks now, and NO, it’s not because of a new song or anything like that; although he has a new song ft Mr Seed dubbed Kumbe Kumbe.


Where was I again? Oh yes. So after Bahati released his track Mapenzi, everyone wondered who was the beautiful lady in his video was. Well, it’s Diana Marua. I really don’t know what she does but she has now become famous all of a sudden.

Bahati has been seen a number of times cozying up to Diana and when asked, he gave a really funny response that has got everyone laughing. He claimed that she is his ‘Prayer Partner’.

Now this word has a clear meaning; the real meaning is someone whom you pray or read the scripture together. But many people don’t think that is what Bahati meant when he said Diana is his prayer partner.


Well, social media has gone crazy especially twitter making the prayer partner word a trend. Everyone is now showing off their prayer partners and I must say, this trend is the most hilarious trend I’ve come across. Who am I kidding, lol.

In case your weekend has started on a wrong note, let me do the honor of making it better for you. Check out some hilarious tweets on the whole prayer partner trend;