A 50 second snippet from Nicki Minaj’s yet to be released song has elicited mixed reaction online.

Nicki is working on new music and dropped part of the song Yikes on Monday.

The snippet garnered millions of views minutes after she shared on Twitter.

Some are shocked at lyrics apparently dissing the African American civil rights activist Rosa Parks, while others said Nicki is back in her bag and nobody’s safe.

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The reference bar in Yikes goes like;

all you bi**hes rosa parks, uh-oh get your a** up

The timing is awkward for Mrs Petty considering February is black history month and the 4th of February is the 107th birthday of the late Rosa Parks.

All this fuss depends entirely on one’s understanding of the line. To some, this was a call to get back into the line of activism but to others, this was a great insult.

One angry fan reacted saying

Nothing funny about a black woman being told to get up and move to the back of the bus and its black history month. some things you just dont say. that was a definiNg moment in our history.

Nicki is known to never back down from controversy based on past experiences and so the long response awaits.

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