Kenyan boy child has taken note that girls not only choose to date but also marry West African men over them. Majority being Ghanaian men.

Something that used to make Kenyans proud, has started to make them, specifically the men, extremely worried. Questions have been asked as to why this keeps happening and has no indication of ending any time soon.

Here a few things Ghanaian men are perhaps doing right which Kenyan women seem to be drawn to, which their men ought to borrow a leaf from:

  1. Attractiveness

One major reason is the fact that they are very attractive, just before you get in your feelings, I’m not saying Kenyan men are not attractive. But there’s something about a tall dark and handsome Ghanaian man.

Not that all of them are attractive and tall but the gag is majority are. Just show anybody a pictures of John Dumelo pictured above, Chris Ato and Sakordie not to talk of Kofi Siriboe and his brothers and they would agree.

2. Very RomanticAsk any Ghanaian or even Kenyan women who are in a relationship with them, anything about Ghanaian men and I bet the first thing they will say aside from being attractive is that they are romantic.

Be it valentines, wedding anniversarys, birthdays or any normal day, you can count on them to make it a day to remember. Not to talk of a text or a call to check up on you.

And if for any reason they can’t do anything to make it special, then they are sure to make it up to their women.

3. They’re very sensitive

Again you can count on them to take your feelings into consideration in any situation. Be it a sure word of reaffirmation of love or holding hands, knowing when to let you have your ”me time”.

They also don’t mind being the first to apologize after an argument, even when they are not in the wrong. I mean how many men would be quick to do so, considering their ego.

4. They don’t take long to marry their bae

Though many Kenyans are the first to call you their wife and move in with you, Naija’s are the last to ”wife you up” rather they marry you quickly.

And considering the fact that girls tend to want to marry younger, this is a plus, and a trait to admire in naija men.

5.They are ambitiousMany Ghanaian men are set on making something out themselves no matter how hard the process may be. They feel proud to have worked for everything they own as well as being able to provide for their family.

There’s no doubt that, generally women find that attractive in men and any ambitious man is likely to catch their attention. And hence another win in favour of Ghanaian men.

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