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‘You are a big letdown in this industry’ Sauti Sol attacked under the #playkemusic hashtag

It all started as a movement to help the Kenyan music industry grow but things started getting personal.

The debate was between Kenyan artistes verses radio presenters and deejays ignited by Khaligraph Jones, until everyone else stepped in.

One man who was not amused by this was Heavy J Baba, Jalang’o. He called out Sauti Sol for being a big letdown in the Kenyan Music Industry.

Why? He claims that they have been able to go far and beyond in their career, but have forgotten to hold one or two other upcoming artistes’ hands. Jalas claims they only want to climb the ladder of success alone further alleging they are selfish.

So @sautisol have band members individually have finally decided to talk about #PlayKenyaBuyKenya But how I wish it was the Voice of the band! I can tell you @bienaimesol and @savarafrica You are a big letdown in this industry! Because you are liars and you don’t want to tell other artists the truth! You’ve refused to share the secret to your success, you want to be at the top alone! And have totally refused to mentor and play the big role the has been bestowed to you!

Jalas posed a question – that Sauti Sol is yet to answers –  asking if Sauti Sol would have mentored others in Kenya if this hashtag existed?

You can’t be legends, upcoming and hottest at the same time! Can you imagine if we had even 5 sautisol’s? This debate will not even be here!

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Then he ended with a challenge to Sauti Sol:

Sauti Sol/ Instagram

if you really believe in Kenya artists just take 2 and push them and be the big brother’s that you are! See what Diamond is doing with Mboso and lava lava.See what Harmonize and Rayvanny have become? This is also to you! Lakini hao wenye mnataka support Yao! Lastly radio are people’s personal BUSSINESS and the FANS are our customers we sell them what they want we can’t stock what they dont want so if they say they want Kenya 100% who are we to refuse?

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