Don't try me today, please.

The international recognized artist Victoria Kimani is set to start her tour around Kenya on March 10th.

The reason as to why she chose to go on tour is because Kenyan promoters are not promoting Kenyan content.

“Kenyan promoters are holding us back. We don’t have a fiesta that celebrates us. We are always told we are second best and meant to be opening acts only.I think some artists have started believing in those lies”.

Victoria Kimani explains why she posted the controversial ‘Boy Band’ tweet

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani/ Instagram

Fans have criticized Kenyan music as a whole, the music industry has flopped over the years.

From the times of legends such as E-sir, K-rupt and Kleptomaniax,its simply not the same.Victoria Kimani seems not to differ, in an interview she commented;

‘I am sure E-sir is looking down from heaven and shaking his head at how backwards we have gone”.

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The Safari album which was launched on Dec 2016, with features from Ice prince,Sarkodie, Bucie, Vanessa Mdee and Khuli Chana.

Whom might make a surprise visit during her performance. Lets hope that this tour starts a new trend for Kenyan artists.

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