Catherine Kamau popurlaly known as Celina, is one lady men have constantly drooled over because of her curves. She is very intelligent and talented, leaving many young girls wondering how she does it.


She is currently dating former actor Philip Karanja(Melvyn) from Tahidi High. Philip is a CEO at Phil It productions, Tv director, producer and actor. From the look of things and their social media posts, they just might be heading into marriage. Don’t you think so?

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Catherine has a child from a previous relationship and she is not ashamed of it one bit. Her child’s name is Leon. She had him way back in 2006 when she was still in college, but did not complete her course.


She raised him as a single mom till Philip came her way. Philip has embraced fatherhood and has no regrets of letting the world know he is his son. Aren’t they just adorable?


On fathers day, Catherine took to her social media and wrote to her hubby a sweet message. Her fans took the chance to wish him a happy fathers day too.

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This is her message to Philip:

Hold up!!! It’s the kings day! My son will turn out great, I am confident because he receives counsel from the king! @phil_director Happy Father’s Day.. I don’t want to get emotional, but thank you for who you are in Leon’s life. Thank you for being such an amazing role model to him. Am so blessed. You are my daddy too.”


Check out the comments by her fans :

Njeri Gitau Mshai: Any man can be a father,but it takes a real man to be a daddy…..happy Daddy’s day Phyl….
Bendetta Joe: Happy fathers day to him,may he continue be the best daddy that Leon needs
Dorcas Towett: Happy Father’s day Phil you are a great inspiration to Leon blessings follow you.
Katlyn Wangari: It takes a well cultured and mature man to fit in these shoes…Happy Father’s day to you
Beone Michele:Now in acting how didn’t you manage Charlly Mwamba such a character is just stress
Mary Mwibiti :Happy father’s [email protected] phillip.God blesss your family.