Janet Mbugua’s elder brother Kevin Samuel is famous for his role on Mali back when it was airing on NTV and Changes on MNET.

Aside from that, he is a good musician who has even appeared on various stages including Blankets and Wine.

Janet Mbugua held a candid talk with her elder brother on her new show, Here and Now on NTV about depression.

A difficult conversation with my older brother Kevin,

Kevin had gone through a lot and Janet asked if there was something more the family could have done to help him through that tough time.

what do you think we missed as a family

Janet Mbugua/ Instagram

Kevin assured his sister and the family that it is not their fault, adding they couldn’t have known because he chose to hide it.

I don’t think you guys could have picked up  on anything if I could be completely honest with you.. even the people closest to me couldn’t see it

One thing for sure is that Kevin is glad that he chose to accept he had depression because after that he managed to deal with it and he is now okay.

dealing with it is a choice to either switch to put out on the light or sit and see what’s in it and I am glad that  I did

Depression is one of the biggest things that is affecting the millennial age to a point suicidal cases have risen at an alarming rate.

‘It’s time to be present offline’ Janet Mbugua commits social media suicide

WHO estimates that over 300 million people are affected by the condition which is linked to the suicides of over 800,000 people each year. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth in the 15-29 age bracket.

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