Anerlisa Muigai is setting the record straight when it comes to her relationship with Ben Pol.

The fact that they publicize their relationship on social media means they have received a lot of hate. Ben Pol is known as the guy who’s been taken care of financially by Anerlisa especially after the many international trips they took early this year.

She has a lot of fans and many are not happy that she’s and settled for Ben Pol as her bae. This includes one Dee. She is concerned that he is not the best choice for her as she deserves better.

So beautiful Anerlisa, why do I feel you deserve more, am I the only one who feels weird about Benpol, It’s just a personal opinion, otherwise all the best Queen. Love

Anerlisa is deep dead in love with Ben and she was ready to defend him and what she stands for. If any of you think he is not right for her, well it is simply because you do not know him.

you feel weird because you don’t know him

Well, Ben Pol’s ex agrees with Dee. Tanzanian comedian Ebitoke dated him just before Anerlisa. In an interview with EATV, she sent Anerlisa a warning about the kind of man Ben Pol is.

It doesn’t hurt her she says because she knows he does not love Anerlisa.

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‘He is just around her to carry her purse’ Ben Pol’s ex sends a warning to Anerlisa

 I am not even hurt because I see Ben Pol as a Ben 10. I laugh at him because he is enjoying the good life, he is taken to Dubai on holiday because he does not have money. You know he is just around her to carry her purse

Clearly nothing you say will stop her from loving Ben Pol.

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