Gengetone was trending for the better part of yesterday which saw Juacali trolled with mixed signals from those that love the new wave ad others who hate it.

See Juacali was the on of the guys we call a pioneer of the Kenyan music game. Back then we had genge and now the new kids have added a twist to it and called it gengetone.

Juacali/ Photo By Douglas Okiddy

Juacali has not let this trend pass him by. He has teamed up with so many gengetone artistes in collaborations to compose songs that have seen them scoop millions of views and love from the fans.

Sadly, some followers believe he is trying too hard to fit in yet his time is up. The most common comment was that he needs to chill because his game is dead. Juacali should lett h young guys create their music and allow them to enjoy their time to trend.

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Weh, manz was not happy with a lot of the comments. He took to social media response to those saying his time is up.

“I started this genre what do you expect? You have never bought a ticket to any of my events so you have been dead to me my whole career. Nimerecord a whole album with this kids” JuaCali’s response reads.

Juacali was clearly done with all this drama surrounding his career. Now that we know he has an album, let us wait to hear what more he has in store for us in 2020. Kiss100 will keep you on the loop.

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