Victoria Kimani is not about to entertain disrespectful people in this world. Last week she expressed her anger after some guy groped her behind. She was performing at a concert in Kisii when all this unfolded.

Victoria Kimani/ Instagram

Taking to social media, she went ahead to share what happened writing, “To the guy that grabbed my a$$, That HOT SLAP you got in the Face by the security detail…. You fully deserved it! BOYS Stop touching GIRLS without their consent!”

Of late, ladies have come out to share how they’ve been sexually harassed a number of times and they want their fellow ladies to know that these things happen and shouldn’t entertain it.

Victoria Kimani/ Instagram

Well, Victoria was very vocal about this issue and took to social media to bash men who think it’s ok to harass women sexually without their consent.

Perhaps your Fathers and brothers did not teach you well. I will be your teacher today. RAPE CULTURE is what you are promoting when you laugh or make jokes out of sexual violation, it is when you down play these actions and BLAME the VICTIM for what was done to them. I am passionate about this because I have friends and sisters and Brothers that have been raped or molested and had NO ONE to support them. You boys (and shockingly girls too) I will pray for you on this good Sunday. There is a special place in HELL for you if you do not stop what you are doing! #endrapeculture.”

Victoria Kimani/ Instagram


Here are some of the comments from her fans;

thedebutante_ke: There are many injustices in our communities. Injustices against both women and men. As a celebrity @victoriakimani has decided to bring attention to rape. By posting and giving a view and taking a stand. This is how you get the conversation started on how we can come together and end rape culture. She has brought it to attention and is calling out to the society to correct it using her platform. Don’t bash her just because you support a different cause (there are many causes). If you are passionate about injustices against men eg. The ones who get their manhood chopped, then take it up and bring it to attention. By pointing out rape, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other injustices. You have to pick your battles.

eng.frezzymware: @victoriakimani ending a rape culture involves teaching the society to appreciate equal rights of individuals including the right to consent. Calling people rapists does not make them stop being rapists…making them understand that rape is a violation of one’s fundamental rights does… anyway preach your gospel and remember the Nyeri men whose manhoods were chopped too.

collins_nyamwaya: A woman shouldn’t be raped because of how she dresses a man should know it’s wrong to rape and make any kinds of sexual innuendos towards a woman 👏 👏 👏

tudachristine: Sadly people in the world today have become more cynical and unless something happens to them they have no compassion for when it happens to others #endrapeculture

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