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Khaligraph Jones is making some of his followers unhappy.

He reposted a video from the past where he was flaunting a million shillings cash contained in a briefcase and that’s where trouble started. Haters turned into financial advisors and fans became Khaligraphs managers, to respond to the haters on his behalf.

According to most of the comments, they appreciate his hustle but feel that flaunting his money online is unnecessary. One comment by Wanaina rubbed Khaligraph the wrong way. Wanaina said:

i love your music but this is really not necessary jones. this is the 21st century 

Khaligraph clapped back telling the fan:

you would better unfollow me  because here i will irritate you until you start crying

That comment by the OG got fans upset and they started calling him out. Here are a few comments:

Raphael: I wish you can use the money to assist the poor or orphanage programs

Evans: Unaturingia na cash na cashy alikuacha ,, sisi ndo tulikutoa huko(you’re showing off money and Cashy left you. We are the ones who got you out)

Kiramba: bill gates ako na mingi na hatusumbui ata kidogo🤣🤣🤣🤣(Bill Gates has a lot of money but he doesn’t disturb us)

Khaligraph Jones/ Instagram

Cliff: Someone send this guy a Dictionary link so he check what International means.Ama he ask Nasty C after that young nigga takes all other awards wid him seated at the awards show

George: Sasa unaringa na pesa ya kupewa na wafuasi ,,,?wafuasi huisha jenga nyumba ocha kwenu(now you’re bosting around with money that was given to you by your followers? build a house followers vanish)

Mtairo: It’s only a million shillings… Nothing much. Plus I’m sure it was returned where it came from after the shoot.

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Clearly, Papa Jones has upset his fans but as you know, nothing moves him. He will still live his life to the maximum.

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