RnB in Kenya has really been taken for granted. We would jam to Trey Songs, Chris Brown or H.E.R anytime but forget Kenya has amazing RnB artiste in a language we know very well.

Don’t get me wrong, the ones I have mentioned above are amazing but it is time we diversify and listen to our very capable Kenyan love songs hitmakers.

The list below is just a top pick and I am sure there are more love hitmakers in Kenya we need to watch and attend their events.


Lucky for us, the likes of Cake Art Festival have come up with an event where they have put such artistes as their main acts.

Let me now introduce you to amazing talent below:

1. Mbithi

He calls himself the Kamba boy because he is known to add some Kamba lyrics to his songs. Kamba has never sounded so romantic.

2. Charisma

Part of Le Band, he decided to go solo and so far so good. His songs are all about love and so he has been identified as that Luhya guy who makes the girls feel cute. You can tell by his name, Charisma.

3. BenSoul

In his recent songs, he is every girls rasta man dream. His songs have a certain way of warming your heart and the win is Pedi. He assures a certain lady he will supply her will sufficient love. Don’t we all want to hear that?

4. Chris Kaiga

He came when the Wamlambez and Lolo trend was on but brought in a different twist. Zimenice and Chain Chain are such a club banger. Zimenice is song to play when you’re trying to marinate the girl.

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5. Suzziah

She won the Kiss Tv’s The Search and from then on she has been working hard to release music. She did a huge track featuring the band, Number One that has more than 1. million views.

6. Serro

Famous for her song Ronagi, Serro has been part of many corporate events because of the nature of her songs. Calm and all about love.

7. Phy

I must confess her song Taboo which is her biggest song is one I can highly relate to. It’s a favorite for me. She has also made appearances in corporate events and has done a few covers with Polycarp’s brother, Thomas Olang in his project, Jamuhuri festival.

8. Xenia Manasseh

She brought in a new and unique tune in the Kenyan music industry that is really working for her. Her voice is so powerful if you are a girl and you need to tell that guy you love him, she is your best pick.

9. Brandy Maina

This babe is a lyrical goddess when it comes to the right words to tell your man. Loverman featuring Bassman is what women need in this cold season. Dedicate it to your man and the cold will be a rumor.

One thing that is common among them is that they all sing about love, something that everyone can easily relate to so it’s only fair we give them views.

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