Being a comedian comes with its fair share of fun and misery, but for Stella Bunei, alias Jemutai, it is all worth it.

The Churchill Show star says away from the screens, some of her fans do not even recognise her.

“In the streets, some people are shocked at the fact that I am a young woman and not an old mama,” she says.

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Jemutai was once stopped by two policemen, only to realise they wanted to say hi.

“There is a day I was coming out of a supermarket and two policemen kept following me, so I decided to stop and ask them why they were doing so. People were even starting to wonder what is it that I had stolen,” she said.

“When the policemen told me they only wanted to say hi because they had seen me on the screens, I breathed a sigh of relief.”

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Jemutai also gave her opinion on the sensitive topic of skin lightening, which has been rampant in Kenya.

“Women who lighten their skins have self-esteem issues. Their esteem iko down. If you work hard enough you don’t need to bleach, you will still be able to outshine others,” she said.

“Just work hard because at the end of the day, these things backfire. What will you do if it does?”

She urged women keen on joining comedy to do so, as there is never a right time.

“Come on board today. Do not wait for tomorrow. You never know, you might be the saviour the comedy world has been waiting for.”

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