Tanasha Donna Diamond
Tanasha Donna Diamond

Correct me if I am wrong but Zari and Diamond still have love for each other.

You can tell from the back and forth on social media with the posts about their newfound love. It always looks like a competition.

When Diamond posts something cute with Tanasha, Zari will post something with King Bae and vice versa.

Diamond Platnumz recently released a new song, The One and just over 17 hours, it had already garnered a million views.

This song that is on number 1 trending has been labeled as a dedication to Tanasha, who is rumored o be with child. This will be Diamonds fourth child.

Anyway back to the song, he assures her he loves her as much she loves him and so with all the noise out there, she should block them.

It’s basically a declaration that he loves her and he wants the world to know.

Baba Tiffah is a man in his own lane. He just broke his own record as the East African artiste whose videos have reached a million views in the shortest amount of time.

Diamond has forever said that with hard work and persistence, you can never go wrong. Probably what he is doing with each and every song.

‘I laughed for almost two hours’ Diamond’s sister on their fathers first song

Now you have a new song to dedicate to your love:

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