Gospel artiste Bahati may be all about Jesus but he is a human being at the end of the day.

In a video with his wife Diana Marua, he took time to understand the meaning of what a guilty pleasure is but when he did, we were left in shock.


He mentioned that he is addicted to picking his nose. I know, yuck!

“My guilty pleasure is putting my fingers in my nose. There are times like during Tanasha’s album launch I was caught on camera with my fingers inside my nose and it is just coz I like it.”

Diana interjected with a loud ‘Yuck’ saying she is always warning him against it.

“Yuck I know! I keep on telling him to quit this bad behavior of making breathing sounds with his nose and then poking his nose looking at the booger and throwing it away” Diana shared her EMBARRASSMENT

Bahati laughing said,

I love it ooh, I cannot be separated from that

Bahati’s wife added by saying,

I sit with him in places and just kaza hagga wondering what the hell is this guy doing.

Bahati also insinuated that he likes to go down on his wife but we are not going to get into that. I am sure we don’t want that image stuck in our minds.

‘Tell me what I’m gonna do to please you’ Bahati’s message to Diana

During that discussion, they also jumped in and opened up about the extent to which Bahati does not like PDA (Public Display of Affection).

“He does not like PDA. Sometimes I understand and sometimes I don’t because sometimes he’d e like there is a family here, there are children here.” Diana mentioned

Bahati tried to explain saying that his fans are also children so he needs to be careful.

“Yes you know my fan base there are children there are older people so there are times we need to chill babe” He defended himself

Judging from their videos and pictures, Bahati’s statement is not all 100% true. We have seen them kiss and hold hands but guess what Bahati it is okay. That is what lovers do.

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