Catherine Kamau/ Instagram

Kate Actress is one of the few female comedy actresses who have taken over the screens in a big way.

After her exit from Mother In Law TV series that aired on Citizen, her career has taken off as one of the most sought out actresses in Kenya.

Catherine Kamau/ Instagram

Kate may always be laughing when you see her, but like every other human beings, she has a few things that do not make her happy.

She revealed the worst during her QnA segment on Instagram and it did not surprise many. She said she detests lack of ambition.

Part of the things she also does not like is gossip, lazy people and bullying.

Could this also be a reason she fell in love with Phillip Karanja?

Phil has proved to be an ambitious man after taking the risk and starting up a production company with three of his friends.

‘Tell her I’m married sitaki!’ Njugush exposes Kate Actress

A step that has given him millage in the entertainment industry. They have become the go-to for Kenyans when it comes to amazing local programs. Sue na Johnnie and Maempress being one of their most popular local projects among Kenyans.

See Phillip is a very ambitious man and from what she says, she is deeply in love with him. So this could be part of the list Kate ticked before she said I do?

Kate Actress is now a mother to a baby girl K whom she hiding from the cruel social media world she says.

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