These queens grace our timelines and are making major moves in their careers.

They never let us into their private lives and their reluctance has to do with their children.

Some partially hsow us their faces, while others go to great lengths to hide them, with either emoji’s or other ways.

Well I am not saying it’s a bad thing to keep the kid’s faces hidden, but for how long? It’s killing us trying to picture their faces, but until then here is a list of mum’s ho do so.

Bridget Shighadi

Bridget & baby Dua
Bridget & baby Dua

Talk of Yummy Mummy! We had all been waiting to see the adorable little Dua for quite a while, thanks to Nick Mutuma’s IG post, we got to see the princess before she let us get a glimpse of which she finally did on her latest Instagram post.

2. Sharon Mundia


For the longest time now, we have not had the pleasure of glancing upon the beautiful ‘Naila’ daughter of This is Ess a.k.a Sharon Mundia.

But lady luck has smiled upon us and her estranged husband, Lonina Leteipan, seem to have made up after their break up and are now co-parenting. But it seems he has picked up the broken pieces and now he’s back to social media. Lonina has for the first time shared photos of their all grown daughter and she’s a spitting image of her dad.

Baby Naila & father Lonina Leteipan
Baby Naila & father Lonina Leteipan
Baby Naila & father Lonina Leteipan
Baby Naila & father Lonina Leteipan

3. Awinja

Jacky Vike aka Awinja, Actress of  the popular Tv Comedy Drama Papa Shirandula, revealed her son’s face on his first birthday.

She posted the image of her bouncing baby boy ‘Mosi’ wishing him happy birthday, although details on the baby daddy still remain undisclosed.

Awinja's Son; Baby Mosi
Awinja’s Son; Baby Mosi


4. Brenda Wairimu

Who is the little princess in red? Baby Amor is all grown and turned three but we still can’t tell whom she resembles, is it her or the baby daddy Juliani?

adorable baby mummy tea time
adorable baby mummy tea time
Baby Amor

5. Amina Abdi

She is one of the most known TV & radio hosts in Kenya, working multiple jobs chasing the mulla. she is married to John Rabar and a mother to little Tumi. Whenever Tumi is posted, his face remains totally hidden.

6. Jacquie Maribe

The Citizen Tv News Anchor’s son Zahari turned four in May and upto date we have never seen his face. From his back photos, he looks quite adorable though.

Tv Anchor Jacquie Maribe & son Zahari
Tv Anchor Jacquie Maribe & son Zahari





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