Yvette Obura is really trying to move on with life but one thing she should get used to is that her name will forever be dragged alongside Bahati’s.

He sired his first child with her back when they were dating and rumors have been out there that he doesn’t give Mueni, their daughter, the same attention and care he gives his other children.

During Yvette’s weekly QnA segment on social media, she was asked to clarify the truth on whether Bahati is a dead beat father or if he participates fully in his daughter’s life.

Well, shock on all of you who expected a big story out of this. He is a very active supporter.

Another fan, who was curious, wanted to know if she still low-key loves Baba Mueni.

A few months ago, Yvette confessed that being in the relationship with a celebrity was hard but after their break up, they only wanted to focus on co-parenting, not much else.

Exclusive: Bahati comments on Yvette Obura’s tattoo of his name

Despite all the hate Bahati receives on social media, she receives a lot of love and sympathy as a single mother.

Yvette seems to be in a happy place. She is on a weight loss journey probably getting ready to fit in that white dress this year. The results are very evident. She has been at it for 3 months now and has probably lost more than 5 kgs because last we checked in a month she was down 3 kgs.

So let us just sit and wait for a big wedding.

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